5 Dealer Options you Should Avoid When Buying a Car

The car itself is very expensive to buy. The add-ons that the car dealers offer makes your purchase more expensive. Many of the extra services are offered at a very high markup. Here are five dealer options that you should avoid.

Rust proofing

The new cars use galvanized steel which protects the car from rust. If you live in a place where it snows a lot, then you can consider this option. Otherwise, you should avoid this option.

Paint protection

Paint protection includes waxing. This is an extremely expensive add-on. You can get your car cleaned up at a local detailer. You must skip this option.

Extended warranty

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Extended warranties are simply waste of money. A car usually comes with a very comprehensive coverage. Even the most expensive component is covered. There is no need to get extended warranty for a new car. Once your car gets a bit old, you can consider this option.

Anti-theft alarms

The modern cars already have anti-theft measures. When you take this option as an extra feature, it may not be installed properly. It is better to stick with the car’s factory setup.


Dealerships will encourage you to use nitrogen in your tire instead of normal air. Nitrogen doesn’t react to changes in temperature as much as the air. It also leaks less compared to normal air. Still, you should use normal air and save money.

All these options give you advantages, but they are not mandatory for your car. These won’t affect the performance or life of a car that much. So, you should try to avoid these options when buying a car.

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