5 Dealer Options you Should Avoid When Buying a Car

The car itself is very expensive to buy. The add-ons that the car dealers offer makes your purchase more expensive. Many of the extra services are offered at a very high markup. Here are five dealer options that you should avoid.

Rust proofing

The new cars use galvanized steel which protects the car from rust. If you live in a place where it snows a lot, then you can consider this option. Otherwise, you should avoid this option.

Paint protection

Paint protection includes waxing. This is an extremely expensive add-on. You can get your car cleaned up at a local detailer. You must skip this option.

Extended warranty

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Extended warranties are simply waste of money. A car usually comes with a very comprehensive coverage. Even the most expensive component is covered. There is no need to get extended warranty for a new car. Once your car gets a bit old, you can consider this option.

Anti-theft alarms

The modern cars already have anti-theft measures. When you take this option as an extra feature, it may not be installed properly. It is better to stick with the car’s factory setup.


Dealerships will encourage you to use nitrogen in your tire instead of normal air. Nitrogen doesn’t react to changes in temperature as much as the air. It also leaks less compared to normal air. Still, you should use normal air and save money.

All these options give you advantages, but they are not mandatory for your car. These won’t affect the performance or life of a car that much. So, you should try to avoid these options when buying a car.

Top 5 Safety Features on Modern Vehicles

The modern automakers have added very sophisticated safety features in the car. The modern cars are now safer for drivers. They are also better designed to avoid collisions on roads. Here are the top safety features of modern vehicles.

Traction control


Most cars now are equipped with traction control (TC) to limit the wheel spin. It reduces the potential for skidding.  If your tires lose traction on gravel or wet pavement, then the system will cut power to one or more wheels to prevent a skid.

Side impact

Cars that are made after 2002 are equipped with side impact and side curtain airbags. If the car is struck from the side, then the side impact airbags are deployed. People riding in the car must wear seatbelts for these mechanisms to work effectively.

Collision avoidance systems

This technology is very new. It is a system of forwarding sensors that scans traffic patterns one or two vehicles ahead. The warning lights warn the driver of any obstacles ahead. In some cases, the vehicle will brake automatically if the driver fails to do so.

Backup camera

Many modern vehicles have backup cameras. These help the drivers in busy neighborhoods. When the car is in reverse mode, a small in-dash LCD screen shows the driver what’s behind the vehicle.

Voice command controls

Some new vehicles have voice recognition technology. Many modern vehicles can adjust the audio and climate settings when the driver commands. This can help to fight distracted driving. Voice commands can let the driver focus on the road.

These safety features can help to avoid accidents. You can travel in a much relaxed way by driving cars having these safety features. These features make family travel safe.

5 Tips for Saving Money When Renting a Truck

You may need to rent a truck for several reasons. Moving is the most common reason. Renting a truck can be expensive. But you can save money on renting using the following tips.



  1. You should first know the weight and capacity of your moving truck. When families move to another city, they rent a truck to carry their belongings. There are some laws concerning moving trucks. You cannot carry certain items in your truck. You will be fined for breaking the law. So, knowing the laws concerning moving trucks can save you from paying the penalty. You should go through all the safety inspections before loading your items on the truck. The tires of the trucks are rated for a specific weight. You should make sure that you load the right amount of load on the truck.
  2. Before renting a truck, find out whether the rental company has a branch in the city you are moving to. You will then pay for one way move. In such case, you may have to pay them upfront.
  3. Different rental companies have different rates. You should compare the rates and choose one that fits your budget. Know in detail what the cost of rental covers.
  4. Many rental truck companies offer a cheaper rate if you book them early. So, if you know that you are going to move at a certain date, book a truck as soon as you can to get the cheapest rate.
  5. Before returning a truck, you should refuel it. If you don’t return it with an almost full tank, you may be charged extra money. The additional charge is often more than the amount it cost to fill up the truck.

These tips can help you to save money on renting a truck. You should determine your need first and then choose the type of truck you want to avoid paying extra.